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Tax law is an area in which law, economic policy and political philosophy converge. Moreover, it is a crucial aspect of business decision-making and of our relationships as citizens. In this area, we provide services both to corporate clients and the State.

In the case of corporate clients, we focus our practice on sophisticated legal analysis in complex issues, aimed at avoiding legal contingencies derived from the breach of tax obligations. We in FerradaNehme are convinced that the recent Chilean tax reform will generate profound changes in the way legal services are provided in these matters. Indeed, Chilean tax legislation is being updated according to the international trends, particularly with regards to the regulation of elusion. These changes show that it is necessary to understand the special characteristics and peculiarities of tax law, and of its own legal institutions, which is particularly relevant in order for our clients to comply with their legal obligations.

We provide preventive advice in tax issues, avoiding conflicts with the Chilean tax authority. We also advise our clients in the structuring of complex operations and in the everyday operation of companies developing their activities in diverse markets, and represent clients in tax litigation, as well as in all proceedings before the tax authority. We have a special focus on drafting expert legal opinions and briefs in tax law matters.

FerradaNehme is also interested in providing legal and tax policy advice to the State and administrative authorities.

Our tax practice is characterized by its detailed and careful work, developed on the basis of the strong legal and economic expertise of its members, a creative approach towards solving complex issues, and a high ethical standard. As important as legal expertise, we believe in simplifying and clarifying the application of law to particular cases, especially in areas as important for the everyday operation of our clients and their compliance with legal obligations as tax law.

  • Preventive advice in tax compliance.
  • Legal opinions and briefs.
  • Tax litigation before courts and administrative authorities.
  • Requests before administrative authorities.
  • Structuring of complex transactions.
  • Foreign investment.

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