Juan Ignacio Bugueño

Juan Ignacio Bugueño


Practice Area: Antitrust

Juan Ignacio is a member of the FerradaNehme Antitrust area. He studied at the Universidad de Chile and his academic experience shows his early interest in this branch of law, after being a teaching assistant of “Collaboration, Regulation and Competition: Law and New Economy” and Economic Law courses, both taught by professor Nicole Nehme; and also by being a teaching assistant at the Center of Regulation and Competition (RegCom) of the School of Law of the same university. Nonetheless, his academic interest is not limited to such matter, since he also was a teaching assistant of Administrative Law and at the Center of Computer Law. In addition, he participated in two versions of the Universidad de Chile Civil Law Student Congress.

Before joining FerradaNehme, Juan Ignacio was a paralegal for the Competition and Corporate Law areas of the Cariola Diez Pérez Cotapos law firm. Besides law, he is interested in theatre, pursuing his acting career by participating in the “La Máquina del Arte: Investigación y Creación Teatral” drama school.

Universidad de Chile, Law
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Cariola Diez Pérez-Cotapos

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