Nicole Nehme


Practice Area: Competition, Complex Litigation

She is one of our founding partners and leads the area of Competition and Regulation. She is one of the most renowned professionals in the country and in Latin America in those practice areas, leading all national and international rankings. With more than 20 years of extensive and diverse experience, she has advised clients in virtually all markets operating in Chile, those that are and are not subject to economic regulation, as well as various government entities, in Chile and in numerous other countries.

Nicole is not only an expert in Competition and Economic Regulation, but also a very prominent litigator, having become a regular adviser to lead multidisciplinary litigation cases or conflicts, linking the business law with economics, public policies, and litigation. Her work in arbitrations and mediations, both as a litigator and as an arbitrator or mediator, is often required.

She is an Associate Professor for the School of Law at the Universidad de Chile, where she teaches the chair of Economic Law, also teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses at other renowned universities in the country, in matters of Competition, Economic Regulation and the links of these areas with other disciplines. She regularly participates in seminars, conferences, and talks on antitrust, regulation, public policies, among others.

In addition, she is a recognized generator in creating awareness in gender issues, with inspiring and relentless work dealing with female leadership and gender equity. She also has a wide variety of professional publications, mainly in the areas of Competition and Economic Regulation..

Currently, Nicole serves on the Senior Board of Directors of the Universidad Diego Portales; Council of the Department of Economic Law at the Universidad de Chile School of Law; ICARE Board, being the first woman to chair its Legal Circle; Assembly of the Fundación Espacio Público; on the Directory of ComunidadMujer; Association of Women Lawyers; on the Drafting Council of the Latin American Competition Bulletin, dependent on the European Commission; on the Women’s Competition Network; editorial committee of the Journal of Economic Law at the Universidad de Chile School of Law; and, from the Advisory Board of the ProBono Foundation.

She has complete mastery of Spanish, French and English, and a high intermediate level in Arabic.

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