Rodrigo Vallejo

Senior Associate

Practice Area: Public Law and Government

Rodrigo’s career has integrated research, teaching and specialized practice in matters of Public Law and statutory policies, both from the public and private sectors. Focused on law, economics and politics of public-private relationships, he has become an advisor to both government bodies and companies in the development of statutory compliance programs, conducting public-private relationships over time both at the cooperation and contentious level- and in the design and implementation of (self) regulatory strategies in general. This work is carried out by the Public Law and Government practice group at FerradaNehme.

As a Fulbright scholar at New York University, he focused his studies on the global dimensions of these topics and on good regulatory governance that both transnational companies and organizations of the civil society have been developing in the relationships with their workers, the competent authorities and communities affected by its determinations in general.

Rodrigo is also a research member of the “Institute for International Law & Justice” at the New York University.

Universidad de Chile, Law
New York University, LLM in Legal Theory
Before FN
Ministerio Secretaría General de la Presidencia

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