Diversity and Inclusion Policies

We at FerradaNehme acknowledge diversity and the inclusion of all individuals as central values in our approach to work as attorneys and as a firm.

We understand the notion of “diversity” as embracing and respecting the differences that make us unique human beings. Such differences may be based in one or more of the following attributes, including many others: Ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic situation, language, political ideology or opinion, religions, beliefs, or lack thereof, voluntary participation in professional associations or lack thereof, sex and gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, name, personal appearance, disease or physical impairment.

By “inclusión” we refer to the acceptance of and respect towards the individual differences that make us unique, allowing and giving space for the learning, growth, and professional development of all persons.

We understand that diversity is an asset and provide added value to our joint work and our corporate identity, and because of this we will always work towards promoting equal concern, dignity, respect, and trust for all persons and between them.

FerradaNehme does not and will not allow any arbitrary discrimination in hiring processes, or in the development of work life. This policy is in line with the principles for firms and human rights of the United Nations, of June, 2011.


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