The culture of statutory compliance has increased its significance among Chilean companies. There are multiple reasons for this phenomenon. Among them, the international influence of the culture of corporate compliance, and the enactment of Law No. 20.393, which has established the criminal liability of legal entities or corporations, have been particularly significant.

The internal control system is the quintessential compliance program and is implemented in such specific areas as corporate criminal law, antitrust, and consumer law, among other fields of expertise. The Practice is supervised by our partner Rafael Collado and is responsible for the implementation and annual or biannual update of compliance programs. As well, we provide all educational and control materials required by our clients, and we are experts in the training required for the continual improvement of the internal practices and culture of companies. FerradaNehme’s advise includes all aspects of compliance programs, whether on their institutional, behavioral, or procedural dimensions.

We believe that incorporating programs concerning criminal, antitrust, consumer or environmental compliance, constitutes an essential preventive mechanism for companies. Compliance mechanisms decrease behaviors that could be considered illegal, and hence generate considerable reputational benefits, as well as providing a basis, in some cases, for the exclusion or reduction of criminal or administrative liability.

  • Internal Investigations (legal forensics)
  • Risk Reports
  • Implementation and updating of compliance programs
  • Improvement of existing compliance programs

Other areas of interest
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