Corporate Law

The lawyers of this practice group render their services to enterprises of all sizes, both domestic and foreign, even before their incorporation or arrival in the country, by creating the most efficient and effective business corporate structures. We support our clients during the development of their activities, whether advising on the negotiation of special contracts, as well as in key transactions to their success, such as financings, mergers, joint ventures and other corporate combinations. Whenever necessary, we rely on the support of our other specialized practice groups.

The corporate practice group is one of our youngest practice areas, created to meet the increasingly demanding needs of our clients during the life of their companies. For its creation, we have recruited lawyers with huge experience in corporate affairs – both in Chile and abroad – who have had a particularly successful career in advising clients on commercial and financial needs in Chile.

This practice area is managed by our founding partner Rodrigo Ferrada. The members of our Corporate Practice advise our clients in all development stages of  their companies, being able to create the most appropriate corporate structures or each particular company, including the creation of joint ventures and other business associations (with or without foreign investments); and advising clients in mergers and acquisitions matters, any kind of financings (including any structured finance), securities market, taxation, taxes and foreign investment.

Moreover, the area advises clients on matters regarding the negotiation and preparation of all kinds of contractual agreements and legal documents that may be required, as well as on the drafting of legal reports. A distinctive feature of the area is its creativity when faced with new or complex issues, or with those issues requiring a fresh look to be able to create new legal solutions toward particular issues.

• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Structured Financings, and others
• Stock Markets
• Banking and Finance
• Foreign Investment
• Contracts and other kind of documents and other legal documents
• Legal reports

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