Complex Litigation

Certainly there is no simple type of litigation, but our clients often challenge us with requests involving particularly complex disputes and which require the experience, knowledge, creativity, and skills of our partners and associates. We are often involved in major civil, commercial, and economic lawsuits brought in the country, both before civil courts tribunals and arbitrators.

Our litigation practice group Complex Litigation Practice arose naturally on account of our early beginning to participate in judicial cases of high legal complexity lawsuits, initially concerning issues regarding Antitrust-Competition and Economic Regulation issues. The excellent results achieved led us to decide to establish a specific litigation area managed by our partners Nicolás Ubilla and Nicole Nehme, both of them have extensive and successful experience in procedural and substantive litigation matters as litigators.

Nowadays, our litigation practice group has considerably expanded, covering civil, commercial, and economic as well as litigation matters related to our other practice areas, filed in various ordinary and special courts of justice before ordinary and specialized tribunals, as well as arbitrators. Our preventive vision of the Law has also caused us to develop excellent skills in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods. Additionally, we often work in assessing the legal risks of our clients’ issues, whether through compliance programs, legal opinions, or law reports.

• Commercial and economic litigations
• Ordinary and special legal proceedings
• Constitutional remedial sanctions in emergency cases
• Arbitrations and mediations
• Administrative Proceedings
• Collective or class actions

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