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We have always paid close attention and working significant time on our pro bono advices. Our Law Firm is a one of the founding members of, and a regular contributor to the Fundation Pro Bono, which honored us with the prize known as in Spanish  the “Estudio Pro bono del Año” (Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year) award in 2014.

Moreover, FerradaNehme has recently established a working alliance with the TrustLaw Connect organization, a member of Thomson Reuters Foundation that seeks to promote and settle international legal issues having a major social impact

Both Pro Bono Foundation and TrustLaw Connect seek work on the recruitment and coordination of legal pro bono work by lawyers – in Chile and around the world. Therefore, they provide free, legal, and first-class legal services to individuals and corporations entities who cannot afford them, and which would, otherwise, not have access to them.

The real pro bono work is done voluntarily, quietly, and with a deep conviction commitment of justice. We are proud of the work we perform in this field on a daily basis. Indeed, FerradaNehme has historically provided, through its partners and other lawyers, legal services in a variety of issues to multiple individuals, families and communities who are vulnerable, and live in general or extreme poverty as well as to non-profit entities – or public utilities –and public institutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Acción RSE (
  • Espacio Público Foundation (
  • Sonrisas Foundation (
  • Techo UK (
  • ONG Asylum Access (
  • Fundación Crecer (
  • Our Pro Bono coordinator is our senior associate José Tomás Correa

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