Telecommunications and Media

Telecommunications constitute a critical aspect of a country’s development. They run across different economic activities and allow the best tools provided by technological development at work in the service of productive efficiency. Within such activities, regulation fulfils a strategic role in providing the legal framework under which consumers and companies can benefit from the provision of competitive services in terms of price and quality.

Our Telecommunications and Media practice has worked intensely in these matters. To this date, our Telecommunications and Media practice is constituted by a highly qualified group of individuals, with concrete experience in these areas of legal regulation, which are constantly being updated, keeping in line with the development of new technologies and telecommunications applications in different aspects of socioeconomic life.

As part of this practice, we have represented our clients before several sectorial authorities. We have also participated in the most relevant cases subject to the decision of the Chilean Antitrust Court, both in voluntary and non-voluntary cases related to telecommunications regulation.

Our advice has included the development of technology projects, media and communications in general, with an approach that includes different legal considerations, as well as other business and regulatory considerations. We have been involved in digital strategies incorporating data processing technologies (i.e., big data, cloud services, cybersecurity, eBanking), as well as in issues connected to intellectual property, personal protection data, transactions involving technological services, and in litigation arising from these matters.

In a world that faces a permanent technological change, in which the second wave of convergence poses a challenge not only for private companies but also for legal regulation, we serve our clients in exploring strategies and models that can increase their creative capacity and, at the same time, are consistent with the social interests embedded in legal regulation.

  • Technical and regulatory advice
  • Tariff fixation processes
  • Specialized contracting
  • Administrative procedures
  • Substantive IP and IT law

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