Public Law and Government

Public Law is today one of the structural axes of the legal practice. It is difficult to conceive business activities that are not directly or indirectly related to the public sector. Our efforts are focused on advising both the Government and private individuals and companies, who engage in contracting with or related to the Administration for several reasons.

One of our most recent successful betts has been the creation of a practice group specialized in matters directly or indirectly related to the public law. The way we view the legal workpractice, i.e., as a coordinated and virtuous interaction between public and private entities, naturally led us to make this decision, which has been particularly successful.

Thus, we rely on some of the best and most experienced lawyers in administrative, constitutional, and municipal law, an expertise that is supplemented by sound knowledge in the field of public policy and economic regulation matters. The area is managed by our partner Luis Cordero, supported by Josefina Court and other our associated experts, and is known for developing an intense activity of advising the Government and public bodies in different fields, together with the expert advice given to private and business customers in their relationship with the Administration.

Our efforts go through diverse fields, such as collaborating in the regulatory work of Ministries and public services; drafting legal reports; preparing of filings with the Contraloria General de la República (Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile); providing support in strategies and legal defenses, along with other practice groups of the law- firm, including but not limited to environment-related conflicts, public procurement, water rights, pension system and the Transparency Lawin several areas; etc. More and more often, we are providing cooperation to foreign Governments for the development of legislative modernization in the field of public-private associations.

  • Advising Governments and public and private institutions
  • Research in comparative administrative law
  • Statutory Consulting Legislative Consulting
  • Public and private litigation in administrative matters
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Economic Regulation
  • Public Law Reports

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