Our area of Technologies stands out for its multidisciplinary character, providing fundamental support to companies and institutions for the better understanding of the social and legal impacts that technologies have on companies, institutions and in people’s lives.

The areas in which technologies are continuously developed are as diverse as the social and economic activities that exist in a hyper-connected and rapidly developing world: banking transactions and e-commerce; complex financial instruments; safety of work and telework tools; information security, privacy and protection of personal data; processes of technological transformation; prevention and compliance; production and content creation for media, creative and entertainment industries; management and strategies for the protection of innovation and knowledge; among many others.

All of these activities represent the endless possibilities of application of technologies in markets and in public-private interaction, which must be addressed jointly and coherently from the point of view of a legal technologies’ area, not only to examine particular situations, but also to anticipate future regulations, as well as the relationships of companies and institutions with their workers, with consumers and with their entire environment.

A transversal analysis and planned processes that consider the legal and economic aspects related to the use and application of technologies are essential for the development of institutional companies’ activities in a market as rapidly evolving and changing as the digital ecosystem.

That is why Technologies, as a practice area, relates directly and interacts with all of FN’s other specialized practice areas, including free competition, regulation, environment, public law, compliance, litigation, consumer law, energy, telecommunications and media, among others; all of which already experience the intensive technological needs of our clients.


  • Data governance: evaluation of the impact in data protection (Privacy Impact Assessment – PIA); Privacy by Design; models of prevention regarding infringement of personal data and privacy regulation, Terms and Conditions.
  • Legal and technical analysis on information security; legal advice for the response to information security incidents.
  • Cybersecurity diagnostics to measure maturity level under regulatory standards (ISO Standards, ICAO and NIST Cybersecurity Framework).
  • Study of information security risks; advice on data breaches and phishing scams, among others.
  • Training and awareness-raising programs for groups and/or work teams: entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, suppliers, marketing, IT; advice on the creation of teams or areas in charge of data protection in organizations.
  • Permanent legal and technical assistance to executives, management areas, and data protection officers or supervisors, outsourcing of data protection services.
  • Intellectual property for the creative and entertainment industries; advice for the development and production of contents for education, entertainment, advertising, and influence marketing.
  • Licensing targeted at collaborative work; intellectual property for cloud and open source environments; advice on the design of operations and business models based on intellectual property.
  • Legal design of local and cross-border e-commerce platforms (marketplaces).
  • Advice and support to IT-based initiatives and intellectual rights for the operation of smart environments in productive sectors, services, government, and territories.
  • Legal advice aimed at multi-user web platforms, internet social networks, online gambling, and e-sports, among others, based on the protection of the users’ rights as well as of the organization’s intangible assets.
  • Review and development of digital service contracts and critical cloud computing providers, data center, SAAS (software as a service) and PAAS (platform as a service).
  • Management of innovation, knowledge, disruptive technologies, and technology transfer.
  • Protection of fundamental rights in the digital ecosystem; assessment of the human rights impact of the implementation of new technologies; development of policies, good practices, and strategies to mitigate associated risks.
  • Judicial defense, negotiation, mediation, and transaction in matters of personal data, intellectual property, and domain names.
  • Reports as third-party experts in matters of privacy and personal data protection, cybersecurity, intellectual property, protection of information and know-how.
  • Legal advice for the implementation of Digital Transformation plans in public and private sector organization

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